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WordPress plugins set for another record year in 2016

Last November I published a detailed analysis of the WordPress repository. At that time I predicted that 2015 was going to be a record year for the repository. It wasn’t a difficult prediction as there was only one month left. Time has come to have quick look at the repository and see how things are going.

First of all, let’s look at how many plugins were added to the repository over the years. As you can see we have seen a constant growth in the amount of plugins added each year, with 2015 reaching a record number of 7,530 plugins. Will this year be another record year?


The below graph shows that in the first four months of 2016, 2,503 plugins were added to the repository. During the same period of 2015, there were 2,426 plugins added. In terms of year-over-year growth we are looking at a 77 plugins increase or 3.2% in relative terms.

One important thing to note is that the graph also shows that year-over-year growth is slowing down when we compare with previous years. Nothing I would worry about, but it’s good to have the big picture in mind.


In order to check if the slow down in growth was due to operational issues (e.g. the Plugins team not being able to process all plugin submissions) I did a quick calculation. On average there are 32 plugins added each day to the repository (I am using 20 working days per month for this calculation). If we check the status page of the plugins team we can see that today (May 12th 2016) there are  96 plugins in the queue or, in other terms, 3 working days for the Plugins team. As I mentioned in the past, the Plugins team is doing an impressive job and these numbers keep confirming that.

In practical terms if submissions continue at this pace, there should be around 7,750 additional plugins by the end of 2016. This will bring the total number of plugins in the repository towards the 50,000 mark, but we will probably have to wait until 2017 to hit the 50,000 mark.




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