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ImageRecycle, a WordPress plugin for optimizing images and PDF files

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Tristan, one of the founders of ImageRecycle. Tristan wanted to know what he had to do in order to list his WordPress plugin on Addendio. The good news for Tristan was that he did not need to do anything as his plugin was already in the WordPress.org directory as we automatically index all plugins from wordpress.org.

We exchanged some emails where I explained how Addendio allows users to test drive any free plugin and how he could integrate a link to a sandbox directly on his plugin Readme file. Tristan liked the idea so much that he added a 1-click demo link to all his WordPress plugins. He even wrote a review about Addendio on his blog.

Small digression, the team behind ImageRecycle is the same behind WP Meta SEO and WP Latest Posts with respectively 10,000+ and 6,000+ plugins. You can rest reassured that they have enough experience in the WordPress space.

From my side I promised Tristan I would look into ImageRecycle as I am always curious to discover new plugins.

What’s ImageRecycle?

ImageRecycle is an optimization service for images & PDF files. It can be used via a REST API or with one of their plugins. ImageRecycle has integration for WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Shopify. I don’t know how big is the demand for those other platforms, but it makes total sense for this type of service to have this type of integrations. This can be particularly handy if you work with different CMS as you can use one single image optimization service.

The ImageRecycle plugin for WordPress

Let’s focus now on the WordPress plugin of ImageRecycle.

I was positively impressed by the amount of parameters available in the configuration. You can pretty much tweak everything you need to fit ImageRecycle with your site.

You can decide to optimize only certain images or give a simple “Optimize all” command to let the plugin handle all your images. ImageRecycle works as a background process which means that you don’t have to worry about monitoring the progress. Just launch the optimization and let it run.


If you prefer you can also select the folders directly and launch the optimization.



The possibility to create subaccounts for customers is another very nice feature that those who manage websites on behalf of their customers will find very useful.

ImageRecycle Subaccounts

I could describe this at length, but it’s going to be faster for me and you if you just watch this quick tutorial video from ImageRecycle.


If you are looking for a service for image optimization as well as PDF optimization you should definitely look into ImageRecycle. I did not run an extensive market analysis on other similar services, but a quick search shows that the ImageRecycle is aligned with the competition out there.

As I mentioned I think ImageRecycle is a very flexible service as they have integrations with major CMS and the settings available should fit any use case out there. The pricing is also very clear and there are no funny limitations.

Last but not least, I have had the chance to get to know the ImageRecycle team and, beside building nice plugins, they are really nice guys.

Author: Luca Fracassi

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