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What’s Addendio?

Addendio is a search engine for plugins and themes. We spent countless hours looking for plugins and themes so we decided to come up with our own solution to see if we could improve the process and the experience.

Where do these plugins and themes come from?

The list of plugins and themes comes from the official WordPress.org repository as well as from Envato.com. We do our best to keep the information up to date and correct, but some mistakes might slip through. Please notify us if you find something’s wrong….

Why Plugins cannot be filtered based on downloads?

It’s a conscious decision not to include downloads as a filter for plugins. Quick explanation: WordPress recently introduced a new metric regarding the amount of active installations for plugins. This is a much better indicator (although not perfect) of popularity than downloads. Downloads are heavily influenced by the amount of releases made and they don’t really indicate if the plugin is widely used or not. Actually in some cases a high number of downloads can be a bad indicator. Take the case of a plugin with a security breach. All installations need to be updated, downloads numbers go up, but is that good? No really…

Why can I filter based on downloads for Themes then?

Because of lack of better options for the time being.

I have a suggestion…

We’d love to hear it! Just send us an email here: support-at-addendio-dot-com

Addendio Plugin

What’s the Addendio Plugin for WordPress?

The Addendio Plugin for WordPress allows you to enjoy Addendio right from your WordPress admin panel. You can download it from our site or from the WordPress repository.

Is the Addendio Plugin for WordPress free?

Yes, it is.


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