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15+ Best Free WordPress Blog Themes for 2017 – All Types Of Blogs

While WordPress is now a multipurpose content management system, WordPress’ roots have always been in blogging, which means that no matter what type of blog you’re planning to launch, you certainly won’t go wrong with WordPress.

But if you want your blog to be a hit, you’re going to need a WordPress blog theme that sets you up for success. And if you can do it without having to crack open your wallet, that’s a bonus, right?

To help you find such a theme, I’ve put together a list of 15 of the best free WordPress themes for blogs.

Then, if any of these themes piques your interest, you can use our free Addendio themes tool to spin up a fully functioning test site in no time. That means you can test both the frontend and backend of the theme to make sure it’s right for you!

Let’s jump into the themes…

1. Writee

free blogging themes for wordpress writee

Writee is a gorgeous free minimalist blogging theme from Scissor Themes. It includes a bold full-width slider, built-in social media icons and related posts, and plenty of other helpful customization options.

Better yet, it uses the native WordPress Customizer for real-time previews as you tweak the theme.

All in all, this one is especially good if you’re looking for a free travel blogging theme, as I think the full-width slider fits that aesthetic well.

Try Writee for Free

2. Hemingway

free wordpress blog themes hemingway

As you’d expect from a theme named after a famous writer, Hemingway puts your words front and center with its design. A full-width header and neat parallax scroll effect keep things fresh, while the actual blog post design is all about the text.

The theme also includes custom widgets for video, Flickr, and Dribbble, which makes it a good option for creatives looking to show off their portfolios.

Try Hemingway for Free

3. Activello


Activello is a free blogging theme perfect for food, travel, and lifestyle bloggers. Like the previous themes, it features a bold full-width header image that gives way to a minimal blog design with a focus on the text.

It also uses the WordPress Customizer so that you can make real-time changes and it’s even WooCommerce friendly in case you ever get a hankering to sell something via your blog.

Try Activello for Free

4. GeneratePress


GeneratePress is a quick-loading multipurpose WordPress theme that’s quickly growing in popularity. While it is multipurpose, it’s definitely also suited towards blogging.

You can choose from a variety of configurations to make the theme your own. And GeneratePress also works great with WordPress page builders if you ever want to create more complicated designs.

Try Generatepress for Free

5. Fixed


Fixed is a free blogging theme from the folks at Array Themes. Unlike the previous four themes, Fixed is not available at WordPress.org. Instead, you can exclusively download it via the Array Themes’ website.

While I usually recommend beginners to be careful about where they download free themes from, Array Themes is totally legitimate so you can feel 100% safe downloading a theme from their site. Additionally, Array Themes is known for their code quality, so your website will load quickly and without bugs.

The design is definitely minimal – but if you just want to write your heart out, it’s a great option for blogging.

6. Blog Way

Blog Way is an up and coming minimal blog theme from Promenade Themes. In addition to its minimalist stylings, Blog Way also offers built-in social network buttons, an author profile widget, and support for WooCommerce.

You can also quickly make site-wide color changes if you want to switch things up.

Try Blog Way for Free

7. Some

Some is a free blogging theme from Foxland. Like Fixed from Array Themes, this one isn’t listed at WordPress.org. But Sami (the guy behind Foxland) creates quality themes and is a well-known developer, so you should feel totally comfortable downloading it straight from his website.

Some definitely has a unique look, opting for an SVG icon menu and a dark color scheme. If you want something that will make you stand out from the crowd of bloggers, Some is definitely a good option.

8. The Authority

The Authority is fairly new, so it hasn’t racked up many downloads yet. But I love the look of this blogging theme from Jason Yingling. It’s not quite as minimalist as many of the other blog themes on this list, opting instead for a look that evokes the style of many Genesis Framework themes.

I think this one is definitely a good theme if you’re going to be blogging about business or other more serious endeavors.

Try The authority for Free

9. Juno

Juno is a gorgeous multipurpose theme from smartcat. And one of those purposes is…blogging! You can showcase your posts with a neat masonry style blog, and you also get tons of other helpful features like custom colors/fonts, WooCommerce support, full-width slider, and more.

If you’re looking for a blogging theme that’s a bit less minimalist than many of the other free blog themes on this list, Juno is a nice option.

Try Juno for Free

10. Flat

Flat is a free blogging theme from Themeisle. As you might expect from the name, Flat uses a nice flat design aesthetic that looks clean and modern.

It offers a vertical navigation menu that gives your blog plenty of space to breathe. Because so much of the focus is on your blog posts, this is another good theme if you’re focused on publishing a personal, news, or review blog.

Try flat for Free

11. Garfunkel

Garfunkel is a neat Pinterest-style blogging theme that displays your latest posts in an interesting masonry layout. Behind that layout, you can include a full-page background image. And Garfunkel also has support for Jetpack infinite scroll so that your masonry layout can continue forever.

Try Garfunkel for Free

12. Author

In the words of its developer, “Author is designed for publishers who want readers.”

Like Flat, it features a vertical menu so that your blog posts can come right up to the top of the page. Beyond that, it also offers a nice author widget, social media icons, and a focus on performance.

Another neat thing about Author is that it’s accessibility-ready, which means your content is accessible to those with disabilities.

Try Author for Free

13. Zillah

Zillah is another minimal blogging theme from the folks at ThemeIsle. Only this time, it opts for a horizontal menu.

It also includes a slider that showcases your latest featured posts, as well as support for Nivo Slider, Siteorigin Page Builder, WooCommerce, Photo Gallery Grid and Contact Form 7.

Try Zillah for Free

14. Tracks

Tracks is a unique blogging theme from Ben Sibley and Compete Themes, the same guys behind the nice Author theme featured above. This one is a bit more interesting with a neat grid-style blog archive.

If you have good imagery to accompany your blog posts, this is a really good option for your site. But if you’re not planning to put effort into feature images, you might want to pick a different option.

Try Tracks for Free

15. Seasonal

Seasonal is another free blogging theme that relies on a vertical menu for its navigation. Only this time – there’s a twist:

You can put your own background image behind the menu for a more interesting look. If you like showcasing your photography, that tweak makes Seasonal a bit of a better option than some of the other vertical menu blogging themes.

You can also change the width of the sidebar and darken or lighten the overlay.

Try Seasonal for Free

Wrapping Things Up

And that wraps up my list of the some of the best free blogging themes for WordPress! For a blog where you want to put your visitors’ focus squarely on your content, I think one of the vertical menu options offers a great approach.

But you can also get a bit more creative and use something with a horizontal menu or masonry layout.

No matter what, I hope you enjoyed the list! And remember, for most of these themes you can use the free Addendio Theme tool to spin up a fully functioning test site. That means you can explore both the backend and the frontend versions of all of these themes before you install them on your actual site.

Now get out there and start blogging!


Author: Colin

Colin Newcomer is a freelance writer for hire with a background in SEO and affiliate marketing. He helps clients grow their web visibility by writing primarily about digital marketing and WordPress. You can hire him to write for your website.

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