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Introducing the Addendio Plugins Search V2

The new WordPress Plugins repository went live a couple of weeks ago and the changes caught by surprise quite a few plugin authors although the testing had been going on for over a year. WPTavern covered the event and highlighted how there were quite some negative reactions around some of the changes, mostly around the removal of the stats and the tabs in general.

You might be asking, why are you talking about this? The reason is that while the WordPress repository was undergoing major changes we were also busy at Addendio with some major changes. The interesting part of all this is that we actually went in the opposite direction compared to the WordPress repo by going fully into a single-page-app mode and we fully embraced tabs.

Addendio Plugins V2

So without further ado, here’s a quick run down of the key features that you will find on the Addendio search for WordPress plugins!

More filters: We are strong believers in providing our users with as many tools as possible to refine the search results. This is why we added even more filters. You can refine your searches based on your criteria. If you think we missed some important filters, just let us know.

Single-page app: When clicking on a search result you will notice that a modal now pops up with all the information you need about the plugin you are interested in. The navigation is fully tabbed and you can instantly switch to a different tab. In case you remember, the tabs in the previous version of the WP repo were not real tabs, but simple links to a separate page. Our aim here is to make sure that you get to information you need as quickly as possible. You don’t have to fully load a new page and it allows you to get back to the search results list in case you want to refine your search further.



Stats & Creation date: the stats tab now also contains the creation date of the plugin (Thanks to Ahmad Awais for reminding me this piece of info is a very sought after one) as well as the downloads & versions graphs you as so used to. I know that the stats have now made a surprise come back in the repo V3, but they are rather hidden so if you want an easier way to look at them you now have an alternative.

Recommended plugins: this is a major feature that we think will bring important benefits for our end users. We have implemented a recommendation system that provides a very relevant suggestions. It ‘s based on what you are searching as well as looking at. The nice touch is that you can simply click on the recommended plugin and the information in the modal will be updated. It’ll provide a seamless experience in terms of reading and navigation.

Another area where we have added the recommendations is right after you close the modal. The recommendations will show up right below the search result you just viewed. The reason behind this feature is simple: while the search results are based on keywords and other parameters (e.g. rating, installs, etc), the recommendations are much more sophisticated and take into account both the product you are looking at as well as your behavior, bringing in a “Netflix-like” recommendation experience.


Test drive any free plugin: We have been offering 1-click demo links since 2015 and this has been an extremely successful feature. In case you are new to this, all you need to know is that each free plugin available on the WordPress repository can be tested in less that 1 minute.  All you have to do is to click on the “Try now” link in the search results. The sandbox comes with full admin rights, you can even choose the WordPress version and the language… sweet isn’t it?




We really hope you will find this new version a major step forward and that Addendio is becoming your go-to place for searching WordPress plugins. With that said, every time we release something we always have that feeling that things are not quite ready for prime time. We are sure that you will find some bugs here and there. That’s exactly why we hope you won’t hesitate to provide constructive feedback as much as possible. We will do our best to keep improving.


Luca & the Addendio Team



Author: Luca Fracassi

7 Comments on “Introducing the Addendio Plugins Search V2

  1. Reply

    I must be missing something, because when I click on any result, it takes me to the WP repository page for the plugin. No modal. No tabs. Tried both Chrome and Firefox. Perhaps v2 is at a url that is different than the /search-plugins/ page?

      • Reply

        You’re welcome. Working now. While I’m here, I might as well mention other things. If a plugin doesn’t have a FAQ or screenshots (or whatever might go in whichever tag), it just keeps saying Loading… as though something will eventually appear, but of course, it never does. Also, a couple of questions about your Terms (yes, I sometimes actually read those).

        First, you say “You agree that we may show ads or sponsored/affiliated content on Addendio.com pages as well as on your site.”. Wait, you’re going to show ads or content on my site? What?!!

        Next, you say “You agree that if you are using the free version we may activate” … activate what? My imagination ran wild at this point. Nuclear launch codes? Charcoal? A timer?

        That’s all for now

        • Reply

          Hi Donna,

          thanks good point about the “loading” loop… let me add it to the bug tracker!

          Concerning the ads, let me clarify. We have a WordPress plugin that allows to bring our search tool within the WP dashboard. In the future we will allow plugin authors to sponsor content within the search results (similar to the Google ads), so technically those are “ads”, but we would never dream of showing ads on your front-end site. I will specify that better to make sure we don’t cause any panic 🙂

          Regarding the “activate”, that’s clearly something that slipped through… we meant to say that we may activate some tracking if you opt-in in order to gather stats about the plugin usage and improve it. Sorry about that, although your imagination running wild was good fun to read… 🙂

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